I learned how to do video editing on my phone thanks to PONToon. At a two-day event they held I made it to a workshop led by Rob Ulitski. We walked around, took some shots, learned how to edit these shots together and then add sound to them. I never knew any of that until I came to the PONToon workshop. It’s helped me especially with making memes and TikTok videos. PONToon have been making inroads into different groups in the city, especially those in areas that suffer higher levels of poverty. Anything that improves the life chances of young women will always get a thumbs-up from me. PONToon is pushing forward with digital ways of working and making people aware of how that's possible.
Councillor Claire Udy, Progressive Portsmouth People’s Group, Charles Dickens Ward
What I find clever about these tools is that they are all grouped together on the same website. So, I had all the tools I needed for my job search. I downloaded the applications to my smartphone, which allows me to use them when I'm on the go. And I want to point out that both versions, online and mobile, are very easy to use. I'm currently working in Lille and soon abroad, but I won't hesitate to re-use these tools when I look for another job in the future. I recommend to all those who are looking for a job or who simply want to change jobs to use these tools, which I think are a real boost.
Justine Barrett