PONToon Self-Employment Workshop Pack

The following article contains useful resources for trainers who are looking to run a workshop introducing an individual or group of learners to the world of self-employment. The information presented here is intended to fill a 1.5 to 2-hour session for a small to medium size group but can be scaled up or down as required.

This pack includes:

  • A template slideshow presentation that introduces the basics of self-employment. You can use the accompanying slides presented as they are, or adapt them to suit the specific needs of your learners.
  • A slide-by-slide guide with some useful tips on how to deliver a self-employment workshop.
  • An exercise that will introduce your learners to the concept of a cash flow forecast.
  • A short exercise that aims to introduce learners to various methods of promotion and marketing.
  • A SWOT analysis exercise.

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About This Pack

This resource pack has been adapted from a self-employment workshop that was conducted at the PONToon Festival as part of the PONToon project.

The original workshop was developed by Nick Keogh, Enterprise Specialist at WSX Enterprise, as part of the Inspiring Enterprise project.

For more information about Inspiring Enterprise, visit inspiringenterprise.org.uk.