Eastleigh Borough Council Prepares 3-Session Employment Course

Please note, due to covid-19, the workshops detailed below have been postponed until further notice.

On the 6th & 7th of April expert trainers from DA Training & Consultancy, in collaboration with PONToon partner Eastleigh Borough Council, will be helping a group of learners at the Wells Centre in Eastleigh to get to grips with some of the digital aspects of job hunting.

This course, which is being run as part of the PONToon Interreg 5A European Regional Development Fund project, will be comprised of two 2-hour sessions that will look at writing a CV and filling in online job applications.

A woman sits down at a desk with a cup of tea, and works on her CV

The course's aim is to upskill women aged 18-35 in Eastleigh Borough and the surrounding area by providing them with important employment skills that will hopefully help them to find a job.

During the workshop, the group will also take a look at the suite of apps and other digital tools being developed by PONToon, providing valuable feedback that will ultimately help to improve the employment situations of disadvantaged women.