‘Always Believe in Yourself’: Two PONToon Beneficiaries Appointed as Project Ambassadors

The University of Portsmouth has recruited two new ambassadors for the PONToon project, following their attendance at the PONToon cross-border meetings in France.

Hollie Eve and Louise Hounsell, who attended France as part of a group of Aspex Gallery's beneficiaries from the Society of St James, will be doing outreach work among women aged 18-35 in the Portsmouth area, encouraging them to get on board with the PONToon project.

PONToon Beneficiary Group from Society of St James
Aspex's Group of beneficiaries from the Society of St James, at the Forum Digital in Caen for the PONToon 'Hack Your Profile' workshops. Hollie (front row, third from left) and Louise (front row, fourth from left) have both been recruited to help out with PONToon as ambassadors for the project.

Speaking about her time in France spent testing PONToon's digital tools, Hollie said:

"I enjoyed all the workshops but particularly enjoyed using the PONToon tools apps. The virtual reality goggles allowed me to be in Portsmouth and Southsea train station walking around whilst I was really sat down at a business centre in France. I considered how useful this would be if you were visiting somewhere for the first time and wanted to get your bearings ahead of time.

"I also really like the idea of a 'Tinder' job site, however I thought some of the questions should be tweaked to garner a more suitable array of jobs."

Commenting on her experiences of PONToon's 'Hack Your Profile' workshops, Louise said:

"I really enjoyed the 'pitch your career' workshop in which I got to practise my interview skills with the use of videos. I was apprehensive at first but the trainer soon put my mind at ease. He picked my video apart a bit but in the most constructive and helpful way and although I initially found it uncomfortable I was soon feeling more confident about my ability to make a good impression in any environment."

The pair also spoke jointly about their time as beneficiaries on the PONToon project and their new roles as ambassadors, as well as a poignant message for others looking to gain new skills and improve their employment prospects:

"Overall, being beneficiaries really inspired us both as we are now proud project ambassadors for PONToon. The confidence it has given us both is priceless.

"Now we can say that WE at the PONToon project have the vision of helping many more women from all walks of life to upskill and gain a sense of direction."

"Always believe in yourself".